What is self-Learn?

The self-Learn Android OS mobile tool allows the self-determination of the state of literacies/illiteracies of adults and offers them upskilling to the next level and finally furnishing them with the self-assessment mechanism of their perception for seeing results of their upskilling efforts and in parallel, their self-development rates.

In parallel to the fact that some low-skilled adults will face difficulty in installing the mobile tool and launching, and/or even beyond; guidance/mentoring by family members/close relatives will be organized by a separate “guidance” and “training” for this group of users. Advises/directions on how to handle and encourage the low-skilled adults for their self-development and directions on how to use the App will be documented in a systematic and didactic way while developing this part of training.

Detailing the self-determination of knowledge/skill/competence level and resulting need; then related content development will serve to reflect the identification phase of the objective. Development of the complete tool will be followed by the testing phase via both built-in perception assessments together with e-feedback and in the field using the hybrid feedback mechanism. The complete feedback system will be useful for collecting opinions not only from the end-users; but also from adult education suppliers, stakeholders, policymakers, and the rest of those who will have come across the self-Learn idea and the tool.

Therefore, all visitors are very welcome to reflect their opinions through the FEEDBACKS section of the portal, which is also available on the mobile tool.

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How did you find us?